Five Mistakes to Avoid when Mowing your Lawn

Lawn mowers like an excavator flail mower are excellent pieces of equipment that make the mowing job a breeze. However, even if you are using the same lawn mower as your neighbor, you may observe that your lawn doesn’t achieve the same look as theirs. This may have to do with the mowing mistakes you made along the way. Being aware of these mistakes helps you avoid them altogether. They include the following:

Failing to Adjust the Cutter

Did you know that cutting the grass can stimulate growth? Short grass is prone to thriving moss. If you want to keep your lawn looking clean, stick to your normal routine and avoid cutting the grass too short in the hope that you don’t have to mow it often. Ensure you don’t cut more than one third of the length.

Mowing Wet Grass

Sometimes, you just cannot avoid mowing wet grass, especially if you do the job in the morning. However, wet grass does not cut as well as dry grass. Therefore, you may cause damage as some of the cuttings may stick to the machine. In fact, other cuttings may clump on the lawn and block out light, killing the grass beneath.

Leaving your Mower in a Messy Condition

Lawnmowers are not cheap so you want to carefully take care of them. Whenever you cut your grass, your mower will be covered in clippings. You don’t want to leave your machine in this condition after the mowing job if you want to make the most out of it for the longest time possible. Refer to the user manual to clean it thoroughly.

Failing to Use Sharp Blades

Always keep in mind that lawnmower blades must be sharpened as frequently as possible. Cutting your lawn with dull mower blades can leave the grass getting gripped and torn instead of nicely done.

Watering the Grass All the Time

Although this is a lawn care issue, you need to be aware of this mistake to avoid it. Water the grass occasionally is good when it’s dry. Ideally, the watering should be done in the morning or evening so that the water can seep into the soil before evaporation takes place when the sun is up. However, watering the grass frequently would prevent the lawn from developing deep roots so it has to depend on you to offer moisture.