Taking Care of Man’s Best Friend

Those of us who have a dog, realise how much of a real member of the family he is, giving you loads of love and always excited whenever you have been out and come home. When you go out for a family trip, the dog will have a wonderful time, playing with the children and running around and you realise that he means so much to everyone. When he gets sick though, it can be a different matter, as vet bills can become very large very quickly, with sadly a large number of pets being put down every year, because the vet bill for life saving treatment was unaffordable. You and your family are almost certainly insured against such a situation, and the good news is that it is now possible to get cover for the hound as well.

Insuring the Dog

It has been possible for some time to insure your dog against causing personal injury to another, either through a bite, scratch, or causing an accident involving property damage or injury and now you can insure his health also. One of the leading causes of the dog suddenly requiring expensive treatment comes from when he is involved in an accident with a moving vehicle, such as a car or truck. Seriously injured and looking at you for help with those big brown eyes, you naturally want to do everything you possible can to make him well again, but that can be very expensive. The most basic form of dog insurance can cover this eventuality, along with any other injury he has sustained from an accident of any nature. Options exist to select the insurance excess, exactly as you would for yourself or your vehicle, allowing you peace of mind he will be looked after if he gets hurt.

Cover for Illness

Buying insurance cover for the dog for illness is definitely a good idea, because during the course of his life he is almost certain to get sick at least a couple of times. One major problem with the dog becoming unwell is that he can’t come up to you and tell you verbally that he has a stomach ache, or that he hurts somewhere. Often by the time he is so lethargic that we realise there is a major problem, it is late in the day and there could be complications, which are going to mean the vet bill will be unfriendly.

Comprehensive Cover

This is what you need, when you want your faithful furry friend to really be a complete member of the family, with the same level of health care that you, your wife and children enjoy. Whatever eventuality occurs, you know he is not going to drag you into financial ruin. Your plan can cover him even for the routine stuff, like a check-up, vaccines and other routine health considerations, at a cost you know well in advance and are comfortable with.

Dog insurance is one of the fastest growing sectors in the insurance industry, as many Australian families are making sure the family pet gets the same privileges as the rest of the household, with no more scary bills from the vet, ever.