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For years, Denver was known as the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, a stopover on the way to Colorado’s famous ski areas. But this wonderful town deserves much more than a quick pass. The city is a famous tourist destination for its good location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

Mountainous Denver sits at 1,600 feet altitude where the beauty of the landscape and thin air is literally breathtaking. The city delights with the unusual sculpture “Blue Mustang”, impresses with the Star Wars fighter plane, and shocks with an extravagant local delicacy. With the beautiful and unique taste of Denver, you definitely won’t get bored here. Denver tours keep your enthusiasm.

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Mount Evans is one of the highest peaks in the Front Range, in the Rocky Mountains. It is located between Lake and Park Counties in central Colorado and features a scenic highway that passes near the mining town of Idaho Springs. The scenic drive passes through beautiful rows of pine trees that give way to steep climbs. Thanks to these you will appreciate spectacular panoramic views of the sharp peaks of the mountains that seem to have no end and the valleys cut by glaciers.

It is not a walk suitable for the people who get tired easily, since in the heights, just as the trees disappear, so do the guardrails of the path, so you have to be careful and take the time necessary to turn the curves. Along the way, bighorn sheep and mountain goats can be seen as they graze, ignoring intruders.

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