Here’s How You Can Order Amazing Smoked Turkey In Texas

Tex-Mex cuisine has some amazing specialties. You just cannot have enough of the smoked meats, slow-cooked BBQ items, pecan pies and donuts. Texans know their food right – the right balance between fresh product and selected flavors add a punch to most recipes. If you are in Texas, you need to take a shot at the BBQ specialties and smoked meats. One of them is smoked turkey, which is an absolute local favorite. If you have a party at home, you can get smoked turkey and other meats well in advance and stock them adequately as directed. Here are some quick tips.

Find the right suppliers

There are many caterers and suppliers, who ship mesquite-smoked turkeys directly from their doors to your home. Smoked turkey in Texas is a specialty, because the meat is slow cooked for over 8 hours and is made on woodfire. Every bite of the meat is filled in juices and rubs that is very original and flavorsome to say the least. As obvious, not all suppliers are the same. Check online to find caterers and sellers that have a good name in the local market. To be more precise, do your homework and check the reviews.

Custom orders

Usually, readymade smoked turkey packages weigh about 10 pounds or may be a tad more, but if you are placing an order for a party or special occasion, you can always get things customized. Most sellers will accept large orders, provided you book in time.

Ask about delivery

To retain the freshness of smoked meats cooked to perfection, many sellers don’t ship between Fridays and Sundays, which is something you must note. Always choose to book three to four days ahead of the actual event, because cooking the meat does take time.

Find about reheating instructions

Usually, smoked turkey and ribs can be stocked in the refrigerator for about a week, but you may have to freeze if you want to prolong the shelf life. Simple cooking spray can be used to reheat the meat, which can be wrapped in aluminum foil for slow cooking. The parts of the turkey can be separated when you are short on time. Keep in mind that turkey must be reach an internal temperature of 145º F to get the flavors right, after which it must be cooled for a while before serving.

Make a shortlist of suppliers and order your freshly-smoked turkey now.

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