Special Features of Mountain Bike Helmets

Regardless of the style of cycling you do, it is important to wear the right helmet. This ensures you ride your bike safely and comfortably. Mountain bike helmets and road bike helmets are different in many aspects. But they are all designed with the following features to serve their purpose.

Ability to Protect the Head

Manufacturers of cycling helmets keep in mind government-regulated standards that must be met. The majority of the cycling helmets are made from shock-absorbing expanded polystyrene meant to get broken during a crash. When broken, these helmets must not be used against because they have lost their dependability. Mountain bike helmets these days are made to provide increased protection by having a deeper fit and great back coverage.

Ability to Offer Ventilation

While on an intense physical workout, your body regulates with the help of your head and to keep the temperature cool, ventilation is paramount. A lot of biking helmets are designed with lots of vents or holes for proper ventilation. However, helmets should generally feature well-designed internal venting to allow the channel of air to big exit ports. A lot of helmets for mountain biking feature bigger, more open vent holes as off-road tends to have a lower average speed than on-road biking.

Comfortable Fit

Cycling helmets must have a comfortable fit. To make sure you get the right fit, consider measuring your head before you buy a helmet. Consider trying on various makes and models to find the one that suits your head. To access various options, visit https://gearforventure.com/.


Helmets are designed with a retention system to make sure they fit properly and stay in place in case of a crash. They come with adjustable bands that are used around the head. Another adjustable feature of helmets is the chin strap.

Ability to Protect the Eyes

Mountain bike helmets, in particular, are designed with visors to protect your eyes against the sun’s glare and block raindrops from getting in your eyes. With visors, your vision is not affected. You can check out adjustable visors to fine-tune their ability to protect your eyes.

Ability to Ensure a Comfortable Ride

Cycling helmets are made with padding to ensure you wear them comfortably. It’s important as you try to adjust the helmet’s internal shape and prevent sweat from flooding down your face. The padding has anti-bacterial treatments so the helmet won’t smell after long-hours of rides.