Why Buy the Best Health Insurance

With growing times of stress and lethargy, health insurances have become a big part of people’s lives. There are good, solid reasons for buying health insurances which will be discussed in this post. Health insurances are basically a form of financial security for oneself in times of illnesses and sudden hospitalization. Such times are mentally traumatizing, but a financial security provided by them gives some relief at the back of the mind. It is therefore advised by even the financial experts to sign up for the best health insurance available in the policy market.

Benefits of Buying the Best Health Insurance

One can look up and buy the best health insurance suited for one’s requirements on various online insurance portals. There are many reasons which form the basis for buying the best health insurance. Some of the reasons are enlisted below:

  • Good cover amount: Some companies provide a good amount as coverage for the expenses. This can be a big bonus if you haven’t yet purchased a health insurance. In times of difficulty, the health insurance covers will take care of the sudden and over-budget expenses.
  • Easy processing of applications: One of the advantages of buying a health insurance online is that the processing takes place in a matter of few minutes to hours. With the advent of technology and the impromptu service of the companies due to the tough competition, one can sign up for a health insurance very swiftly.
  • See-through windows while purchasing health insurance: For any big purchase or dealings in a business, transparency between the buyer and the seller is a key. Due to online transactions and the essential paperwork, everything related to the health insurance has become very transparent and thus, provides the comfort of being secured from any type of fraudulent activity.
  • Round the clock customer support: Beginners or people who are looking to purchasing a health insurance for the first time may find it a bit difficult to sign up. However, with great customer support and facility of online chat available, the customers can get their doubts and queries cleared immediately.
  • Relaxed Mind: This is so true in today’s times with respect to buying health insurance. One may never know when one faces a sudden health scare and needs a long list of medical tests to be done. The amount of expenditure in such cases is very high, especially with critical life-threatening diseases. With best health insurance, one can be assured of a relaxed mind at the end of the day.
  • Tax Benefit: Needless to say, buying the best health insurance entitles a person to receive tax benefits.

Policies offered by the Best Health Insurers in India

There are some amazing schemes and plans which have been put up by some of the best companies dealing in health insurance in India. Some of these are discussed in brief here:

  • Pre-hospitalization cover: Some companies offer a pre-hospitalization cover which covers the expenses of up to 60 days before the hospitalization of the insurer. This is a big deal as the pre-hospitalization usually requires a lot of tests to be done, which are very expensive as well.
  • Consultations Cover: Some insurance plans cover even the cost of the consultations which may follow the treatment, or maybe even before the treatment. This is a big boon for the person buying such insurance.
  • Ayurveda and other forms of treatments included: In recent times, people are increasingly inclined towards Ayurveda or Homoeopathy for minor ailments. This medication was not previously covered by the insurance companies. However, with changing times, several policies have started including these forms of treatments under their coverage plans.

These are a whole lot of benefits which a person can derive from having bought the best health insurance.

  • Day-care expenses: Several companies offer day-care expenses which cover almost 150 to 500 different types of diseases and treatments covered under them.
  • Cashless hospitalization: This is also a big bonus for people who are not carrying enough cash at crucial times of hospitalization. Moreover, sometimes the charges at hospitals are so high that one cannot be expected to carry around so much cash.
  • Un-networked hospital covered: Most people may not know about this, but it is not mandatory to get treated only at the hospitals enlisted in the brochure of the insurance company for getting cashless facility. Some companies offer cover even at the hospitals which do not fall under their network through reimbursement. It is good to inquire about this before or at the time of signing up with a company.