5 ways to have a fantastic first date

Going out on a date? Take these 5 tips on board for the perfect first date.

So you’ve been texting this cute girl for a while, and you would like to meet her for a first date. She agrees to meet you, and apart from being excited, you are now a little nervous. What should you wear? What should you talk about? Where should you meet?

Start by solving the clothing puzzle. If you don’t have anything suitable, just buy some new stuff from a good men’s wear site. Now let’s get you prepared for your date.

1 Surprise her. First dates are about getting to know the other person. So most people meet at coffee shops or do lunch or dinner. However, why not do something different and surprise her? If you want to have a conversation with her, do it when you’re both exploring a bit of nature outside the city. Or sign up for an informal painting class that the two of you can take together. It’s about taking things beyond just knowing the basics about each other, and a shared activity will help you know more about her.

2 Be your presentable best. You don’t have to put on a suit to impress her, but don’t be dowdy either. She will notice that you made an effort to look nice for her. Wear a clean and ironed shirt, a pair of fitted pants and leather shoes. Look up a men’s wear fashion site for suitable options. Flip flops, shorts and distressed tees are out – dress slightly formal because it is an important occasion and it could signal the start of something meaningful in your life.

3 Smell nice. Another detail that women are clued into about men is whether the guy smells nice or not. Don’t bathe in cologne, but wear enough of it to mask any sweaty odours in the hot weather. Just before you meet her, nip into the restroom and give your armpits, neck and back a rub with tissue paper to blot out any excess sweat, before dabbing on some cologne again. She will notice that you smell great and you will rise in her estimation. If you don’t have a good cologne, pick one up from a men’s wear site today.

4 Don’t rush into things. The first date is a precursor to many more, and it must be handled with tact and dignity. Don’t ask too many questions and be a good listener to her responses. Show interest in her as a person, and be a thorough gentleman throughout the date. She should feel at ease with you, and be comfortable about speaking in your presence. The date should go well enough for her to want to meet you again.

5 Express interest in a second date. Unless the date is a total bust, there’s no reason why you can’t see her again. At the end of the date, drop her home and tell her you had a great time with her and that you would like to meet her sometime again. If you can’t say it to her in person, text her later. Leave her alone if she doesn’t respond or stalls. But if she is eager to meet again and even initiates plans for a second date, you’ve made a great impression and she likes you!