Are You Aware of the Causes of Blurry Vision in One’s Eye

Blurry vision is a type of eye defect where one can have decreased sharpness in vision or clarity. It is caused by several agents, most of which are refractive errors, leading to short-sightedness. Although most causes of blurry vision are not serious, it is very important to have doctor consultations after persistent or blurry vision. Though foggy vision occurs suddenly, sometimes it can be a lifetime problem, hence the need to consult an optician or an eye specialist. Foggy vision has numerous causal agents, for instance, the loose skin on eyeball. Causes of blurry vision in one eye include;

1.   Cataracts

As one age, a cloudy area in the lens of the eye starts to develop. They have a unilateral meaning; they affect one or even both eyes. Cataracts make somebody’s vision less colorful, hence leading to poor eyesight. Cataracts do not form immediately, but they develop gradually, making them difficult to notice as they appear. Some cataracts don’t show symptoms, and they stay small, hence causing few problems. Some symptoms of cataracts include having double vision and even poor vision at night. Since the effects are mostly on the elderly, they can be removed through eye surgery, which incurs costs to cater to the surgery process.

2.   Closed-angle glaucoma

This is a less progressive type of glaucoma, a health condition. It occurs when the drainage for fluid is blocked in the eye, which henceforth causes the building up of pressure. This pressure causes the optic nerves to be permanently destroyed, resulting in blurred vision or even blindness in a couple of days. Closed-angle glaucoma comes with symptoms, including pain in one eye, headaches with foggy vision, and even vomiting. When this happens, one can see a doctor for pressure reduction, and in the case of a worsened condition, laser surgery is used to prevent recurrence and even reduce the eye infection.

3.   Conjunctivitis

In causing blurred vision in one eye, conjunctivitis causes the conjunctiva to inflate. It is also called pink eye. This is the inner surface of the eyelid that helps to cover the white part of the eye. This can occur in one eye or even in both eyes. Conjunctivitis is most noticeable because it is accompanied by some symptoms, which may include having a discharge from the eye, eyelids getting swollen, and even experiencing an itch in the eye. When one experiences such symptoms, one can consult a medic for a perfect remedy for conjunctivitis to be taken. Conjunctivitis is a virus hence hygiene is highly recommendable to avoid the spread of the germs.

4.   Eye infection

Eye infection is mostly caused by an infection called herpes keratitis which is one of the most common causes of corneal infections. Touching the cold sore on the lips and later touching the eyes. Endophthalmitis is another cause of eye infection caused b bacteria or fungi in the eye and is most common after surgery or even corneal infection. Coronavirus is another type of virus causing eye infection hence leading to blurred vision. Eye infections can be treated by consulting a medical officer and practicing proper health hygiene.

5.   Diabetes

This causes serious eye defection, which affects most people who are diabetic. This eye defection is called diabetic retinopathy. This defection occurs in one eye, but it also occurs in both eyes. It is painless and hence cannot be easily noticeable. Diabetes damages the small blood vessels in the body hence when these tiny vessels leak blood and other fluids; retinopathy occurs, causing swelling of retinal tissues hence the final results are blurred vision. Exerting the remedies for blood sugar control can be of great help in slowing down diabetic retinopathy progression. In some cases, the situation worsens hence these remedies for blood sugar control cannot be of help hence more advanced actions can be taken, such as surgery and laser treatment.

6.   Migraine

Retinal migraine is one of the types of migraine which causes changes in visuality, such as blurred vision, spots that appear dull, and even temporary blindness in one eye. The visual change comes during or comes on before the headache. Although the retinal migraine last for an hour or less, it can copy other serious conditions such as carotid artery diseases hence making it important to consult a doctor when one experiences symptoms such as seeing patterns with many jagged edges and even some blind spots. Retinal migraine is common in women to men, and they are common if one has a family with a migraine history. It can be treated by pain medication, and in the case of severe situations, preventive medications may be prescribed.

7.   Macular degeneration

This is also used to refer to age-related macular degeneration. This is one of the most causal of blurred vision. It causes various changes in one vision, which include; foggy vision in either one eye or both, the central vision getting distorted, which is mostly noticed when one is reading and even seeing waves in the center of one’s vision. The central part of the vision is mostly affected hence there is no total blindness, but one experiences problems in reading and even driving hence forcing one to have a lens. Macular degeneration is of two types which are; wet macular degeneration and dry macular degeneration. Wet macular degeneration occurs when the blood vessels leak eye fluid. It requires medical attention immediately since it appears immediately and becomes worse quickly. In dry macular degeneration, it occurs when the part of the retina, which is the macula, specified for central vision, gets thin hence leading to blurred vision gradually. Macular degeneration can be treated by medical injection to the eye hence reducing fluid leakage.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, foggy vision in one eye is one of the major causes of severe problems in the eye. It has major causes such as migraine, diabetes, macular degeneration, cataracts, and eye infections, among others. It may be treated in some cases, whereas it is ephemeral in others; hence, if one experiences a blurry vision, medical attention has to be taken with immediate effect.