Dunedin: Things To See And Do

For those embarking on a campervan hire new zealand journey, one of the places you should definitely put on your list to see is Dunedin. This area has a very old school New Zealand feel and features some of the most amazing architecture you will find in New Zealand. Located on the south east coast, this charming town has the perfect location that puts visitors in close range of both beautiful nature and tasteful development. This area has an extremely rich heritage and feels very much like Europe in terms of architecture. Walking around in downtown Dunedin feels more like walking in a European city than a New Zealand town. Backpackers and travellers have been raving about the charms of Dunedin for many years, and if you plan on stopping through then make sure to check out these places.

Olveston Historic Home

If you really want to get a good idea of the rich cultural history of Dunedin, then a stop at this Historic Home is highly recommended. Nothing has been changed at this manor since 1906, including the interior and exterior of the house. Inside you will find original decorations and prized artworks. Outside you can walk through the lush green grounds, perfectly maintained just as it was when inhabited in the early 1900s. This will really give you a good feel for how the upper class lived at the time, and the luxury to be witnessed at this house is still impressive over a century later.

Otago Peninsula

There is a reason travellers journey from around the globe to check out the Ortago Peninsula and surrounding area, and this reason will be apparent to you from the moment you lay eyes on it. The views from the Peninsula are out of this world, featuring sweeping panoramic spreads of the water and the green countryside on the shores. The coastline is dotted with hidden beaches and long stretches of meadow, making this some of the most amazing hiking to be embarked on anywhere in New Zealand. You can easily set out on your own and take in the region’s beauty, or you can take one of the many guided tours available where a local expert will take you to all the right spots. Whichever you decide to go with, definitely make sure to see the Peninsula while you’re in the area.

Dunedin Railway Station

Quite possibly the most famous structure in in town, the railway station is a stunning thing to behold. You may recognize it from the many postcards and tourist brochures this building adorns. Travellers are consistently amazed at the lavish architecture, including dozens of massive spires, detailed stone work, and intricate ceilings that rival New York’s Grand Central Station. There are even some trainlines that still run out of the station, and it is a joy to watch them come and go.

Ortago Museum

One of the main points of a campervan hire new zealand journey is to learn as much as you can about the colorful cultural histories of the regions you pass through. This museum will provide you with a wide view of the natural history of the area, with a perfect balance of history, ecology, and the sciences. The museum is well-curated and organized, featuring thousands of pieces. You can easily spend hours strolling the various exhibits and sections. One of the most popular sections is the wildlife display, featuring a butterfly exhibition plus birds, fish, turtles, and geckos. When you leave this museum, you will no doubt have a better feel for the natural evolution of the beautiful surrounding settings.

Larnach Castle

Featuring fantastic architecture and meticulous grounds, this is actually New Zealand’s only castle. The inside is incredibly impressive, and you can gaze in wonder at the stone arch ceilings and perfectly carved engravings. The real feature here is the surrounding gardens which stretch for many acres and feature many rare plants and flowers. These gardens have been maintained to resemble the exact features they had when the castle was in use, and you will be amazed that a family once lived in such opulence. There are also a number of rare birds that have been spotted in these gardens, so bird watchers should be on the lookout when strolling the Castle grounds.

Truly one of the most charming towns in New Zealand, Dunedin is a treasure trove of fantastic architecture, rich cultural and natural history, and gorgeous surrounding coastline. Truly one of the most perfect stops for a campervan hire new zealand journey, Dunedin offers the perfect mix of lively town life and beautiful natural surroundings and wildlife. You can spend your days roaming the wild beaches along the coast or hitting all the great attractions in the town. It is this mix that has endeared Dunedin to backpackers, road trippers, and campervan riders for decades.