Jewelry Appraisal – Why You Need To Perform This On Regular Basis

Jewelry appraisal is a type of a document that one can receive from a jewelry appraiser or a well-known jeweler. This helps in describing the jewelry item that is being valued and provides a value that an item has to be insured for.

What information does a jewelry appraisal provide to its owner?

When you buy gold, jewelry appraisal describes it by stating a projected weight, kind of metal that the gold jewelry is manufactured from, clarity, an approximate color of the diamond and any other details about gemstones.

Reasons to go for a jewelry appraisal

Sometimes when one buys jewelry, the retailer needs to provide jewelry appraisal document. This document is very beneficial for insurance purposes. As per insurance companies, this document needs to be renewed once in every two years. This is because the prices of valuable metal changes on a regular basis.

If the jewelry piece gets stolen or lost, then the insurer will use it as an evidence of ownership. Jewelry owner is liable to get the jewelry for the value as stated on the appraisal document.

How does jewelry appraisal assist its owners in selling the jewelry?

When you are planning to sell the jewelry, then the appraisal document can prove to be of a lot of importance. It will help in providing jewelry owners with a precise initial value. This document comprises of characteristics of the gemstone such as a projected weight, color and clarity grading. This information can act as an efficient guide for jewelry sellers that gives them a fair idea of what its value might be before selling it.

Appraisal Quality

The quality of appraisals can differ with respect to the clarity grades and color. A jewelry appraisal will provide a superior quality grading than the one provided by an internationally respected lab (GIA).

This implies that there is a large price difference that will be provided from a company that is willing to purchase your diamonds. It is required that one keeps an open viewpoint on its cost, even if it requires paying for a jewelry appraisal.


Services of a jewelry appraiser can prove to be advantageous in the future. So, if you are searching for an appraiser for the jewelry, then getting in touch with jewelry appraisals will help you get the appropriate value. This will help in justifying the beauty of the beloved piece. However, make sure that you do your part of homework and do thorough background check of the appraisers before hiring one.