The complete review of Wow TV services.

Wow can be considered the largest cable TV service provider in the nation of the US. The company has a very simple and straightforward philosophy. They try to provide their customers with a service that lives up to their name. It does not matter whether the problem is small or large; Wow is committed to excellent customer service. Furthermore, there are no contract options in the case of the Wow Cable TV. Therefore, the customers are free to leave whenever they want without paying a termination fee.

Wow offers its customers some fantastic channel line-ups, affordable packages, and finally, high-speed Internet connection. Customers who have availed of Wow cable services have described the TV viewing experience to be simply amazing.

Wow stands for wild open West and refers to its coverage area.

Pricing and packages

Wow TV offers one of the most affordable packages you will ever find on the Internet. Suppose you choose to go for Wow TV. In that case, you can enjoy smooth access to all on-demand content, HD premium channels, and your favorite movie-watching channels at meager rates. To top it all off, Wow also offers three different cable TV packages for their customers to choose from.

Small cable package

The small pig cable package is the basic package of love TV. It is also missing some popular channels like family central and Fox Sports. If you are someone who likes to stay updated with your favorite comedy shows and love sports, this package is not the one for you. This package is suitable for those people who only want a basic cable service. Wow basic cable package offers 90 channels to its users. This may fare better compared to some other cable TV service providers.

Medium cable package

The medium cable package is a good step ahead of the small cable package. In the case of a medium cable package, you will be able to avail 150 channels. The channel line-up in the case of the medium package has some good channels like Travel Channel, Nickelodeon et cetera. Furthermore, the customers are allowed to opt for one premium channel. Therefore, you have to choose between Cinemax, HBO, or Starz. If you are looking for a package that offers movies, sports, and premium channels all in one, the medium cable package is the one meant for you.

Large cable package

The large cable package offers over 250 channels to its users. You can get exclusive access to some of the top channels like Viceland and NFL Network. If you prefer to stay updated with all the latest sports content, the large cable package is the one you should opt for.


As with most of the TV cable providers, in the case of Wow too, the price may change from one location to the other. However, in almost all places, the customers are delighted with the deals that they have received from Wow. However, you must understand that the low prices of Wow have strings attached to them. To avail of the low prices, you will have to opt for the 24-month contract with auto payment as your billing method.

Once your contract period ends, their subscription rate will receive a bump. Therefore, you must keep track of the date when your subscription is getting over. Before the subscription gets over, you can either call up the customer service and find any available promotional offer that can be applied to reduce the rates, or choose to change and opt for another TV cable service provider.

Channel line-ups

If you opt for Wow TV, there is no shortage of channels to choose from. From TV shows to sports, movies, on-demand content, Wow TV offers its customers only the best channels you can watch throughout the day. With the availability of the premium channels like Starz, HBO, and Cinemax, you will never miss out on any of your TV shows and movies. Wow also allows for customization in the channel line-up by opting for one premium channel.

Wow ultra

In their move to make their name in the smart TV market, Wow has launched the ultra box. Of late, the ultra box has become a big name amongst TV lovers. Suppose you choose to opt for the Wow Ultra box. In that case, you will not only gain exclusive access to the regular channels of the ultra box, but you will also be able to avail unlimited access to a ton of the on-demand content.

Another essential feature of Wow Ultra is that it can also work as a router and be used with Netflix.

If you want a reliable TV service provider, the impressive channel line-ups, affordable plans, DVR service, and others make Wow an excellent option for you.