Things to Do in Sydney You Will Definitely Enjoy

Being one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Sydney has millions of tourists, domestic and international each year. With its beaches, tourist attractions and must-try delicacies, Sydney surely works its way into every tourist’s heart and unfailingly lures people into visiting the place.

Given everything that Sydney has to offer, you have no reason to not book your trip now. Here are some of the things to do in Sydney.

Participate in extreme adventure

As a traveller, you might be into extreme sports or adventure-filled activities. You are in luck if you have chosen Sydney. Sydney’s skydiving adventure is such a breath-taking activity that you must try it. You will never miss out on fun and excitement with this. It is also a roller coaster of emotions for you. In this activity, you will be wearing an all-blue outfit with your buddy and enjoy a 15-minute view of the mountains over the sandy beaches and then take the dive through the sky.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is also a great option. This is climbing up the fourth longest arch bridge in the world. Once you are there, you will have a great view of Sydney. Finally, you can try flying the hot air balloon over Comden Valley. This might seem simple, but it comes with a risk, so it qualifies as an extreme adventure.

Visit markets and restaurants

There are surely a lot of restaurants and night markets in Sydney where you could try famous delicacies and enjoy shopping for clothes and food. Most of the restaurants offer unique dishes made from organic ingredients. The Continental deli bar bistro is a good option. It serves quality meat and has an upper floor for fancier nights. Another must-see is the famous Bills. It provides a total package of food, service, ambience, interior decoration and more. Markets like the Carriage Farmer’s market provide produce and other great buys.

Tour museums and galleries

If you want a tour for visit-worthy art shows and displays, Sydney also has places for you to visit. First is the Art gallery of New South Wales. It houses a collection of art from Australia, Europe and parts of Asia, showing almost 40 art shows yearly. Another is the famous Sydney opera house. You wouldn’t want to miss a backstage tour of the tourist spot you have already heard of before. Exploring the behind-the-scenes secrets of the theatre house is not something all tourists get to experience.

Stroll coasts and swim in beaches

Beaches and resorts should never be missed in Sydney. These are surely go-to places if you go there. First up is a walk from Manly to Spit Coast. You will have a view of millionaire mansions, rock art and beaches. Another is Gordon’s Bay. This is a location far from neighbours and is great for snorkelling. You will spot cuttlefish, blue gophers and other sea creatures you haven’t seen before. Lastly, you can go to the heritage foreshore walk. In this place, scenic views are offered generously such as the harbour bridge, Shark Island and the Strickland house.

These are just some of the activities to do while in Sydney, so you should book your trip now.