Tips For The Beginner Cyclists

New cyclists grow a quick passion for biking. Many of them start aspiring to hit the famous cycling trails of the US after checking out the cycling reviews from their favorite magazines and articles. If you count you among the newbie passionate about the long-distance cycling rides- on the classic cycling trails of Route 20, New Hampshire Route 112, U.S Bicycle Route 95 etc then you should learn how to cycle properly being a beginner. Let’s keep it slow in the beginning as the slow movers prove their killer skills even in the tournaments.

Here, few tips for the beginner cyclists are shared-

Use helmet

You should use a good quality and sturdy helmet that fit your head properly before stepping outside with your cycle. This is mandatory to stay safe from accidents. Head injuries often cause terrible consequence that’s why it’s strongly advised to wear a good quality helmet.

Use useful gears

Along with the helmet you need to wear the arm and knee padding which are essential to protect you from any accident. Beginners often fell down from the cycles.  Until and unless you gain the confidence on your wheels, wear the gears to avoid any severe injury.

Keep changing positions

By changing positions of your arms and legs, you’ll never feel numb. While moving your hands around the bars, you should move your rear end on the saddle. This is a great way for not feeling numb particularly when you’re cycling new for a longer period of time.

Never use headphones

Beginners or even the pros shouldn’t be using headphones while cycling. Even when you’re driving in a low traffic trail, you shouldn’t be listening to music or anything with an attached headphone on your ears. This malpractice calls to serious accidents. You’ll fail to listen to the honks of the cars or trucks coming from the back or you might lose the focus or can get lost by cycling down to an unknown trail.

Don’t pedal in high gear for long

Never pedal in a high gear for a longer period of time. You’ll hurt your knees by doing so.

Finally, keep your head up when cycling as you should see what’s coming in front of you to avoid any anticipated accident. Avoid the drains, trenches, potholes on the roads or any other road block or storms by keeping your head up.

Beginners should follow these rules to stay away from any hassles while cycling.