How to Prevent Electrical Hazards in Power Tools?

Whenever you are handling any kind of power tool in the workshop or in any domestic use, it is necessary to observe proper safety norms. Sometimes people bypass the safety norms in hurry and that may often result in unpleasant accidents. Therefore, consider following safety tips while you are working on any kind of power tools.

  • Get your installations done by any licensed electrician

Any licensed electrician will make sure that he will use the right safety code that is followed during installation of any power tools and that will ensure full protection of people handling the tools. On the other hand, any untrained or less qualified electricians may do the job at cheaper rate, however he may miss some safety aspects.

  • Always plug into standard power point

Quite often it was observed that some of the operators often do not use the right kind of power outlet or do not use right plug while powering their tools. This may sometimes create improper connection which may not allow your tool to work satisfactorily. Sometimes due to lose connection it may create sparking.

  • Make sure that extension cords are properly checked

Quite often you may need to use extension cord in order to work with your flange spreader or any tool at distant location. Make sure that the extension cord is properly insulated and in perfect condition.

  • Electrical wiring must be thoroughly checked

If you are using your power tool in some different and unfamiliar location then before applying the power to your tool, you must make sure that electrical wirings are neatly done and standard power points are available for plugging in.

  • Check your power tools regularly

Make sure that the power cord and electrical plug of your power tool is in perfect condition. In case, you find any damaged plug or power cable then it must be immediately replaced or repaired. Make sure that the grounding of the power supply is proper. In case, the power tool is found to be overheating or you are sensing any burning smell then you must get it repaired.

  • Prefer to use cordless power tool

Cordless power tool can be very good option as regards to safety of operation. It will reduce many possible electrical hazards. You may also choose to replace most of your power tools to cordless option to increase safety.

  • Switch off the tools when not under use

When your work is finished or if you are not working with your power tool then prefer to keep it switched off.

You can prevent any accident by following the above safety tips.