The Dark Leg Band OUT NOW (DJ Parisa-VJ Amir)

The Dark Leg Band led by Dj Parisa and VJ Amir has been a leading band throughout the year. And its work can be found on DJ Parisa’s Official Website. So, if you want to enjoy their work, check it out now. You will love what the team has been doing.

Dj Parisa is a french-Iranian respected artist and entrepreneur. She is a sound engineer, rapper, video jokey, photographer, and activist. Fatemeh Farisa Movaghar is her official name. And she has lived and worked in different countries during her career.

Her music has been used for different events. He biggest highlight is when her work was featured in popular movies. This brought her to the public eye and she won different awards at different festivals.

And apart from playing music, she’s passionate about training other artists. She trains people on how to nurture their talents and convert them into successful entrepreneurship. That’s why her training programs are tailored for everyone despite their learning stage. And unlike other trainers, she gives her students one-on-one mentorship.

Why Train Under DJ Parisa?

If you’re looking for ways to convert your passion to a paying income stream, then DJ Parisa is the trainer you’re looking for. Here are the top reasons why you should consider her training and mentorship.

  • Get Trained From Experience

It’s one thing to learn from a trainer. But it’s totally a different experience when you’re learning from an expert who has been practicing whatever they are training you. And that’s why DJ Parisa is the perfect mentor and trainer for you. She has been a successful rapper, band leader, photographer, and entrepreneur. With her real-life experience in different fields, she can help you identify your potential and help you get the best out of yourself.

  • Personalized Training

Dj Parisa only takes a few students at once. That gives her the ability to give everyone the attention they need. Her programs are one-on-one live chat training. That ensures she’s in touch with every student. And that makes it easy to get personalized training.

So, if you’re looking for a trainer to give you the perfect training within your capacity, then Dj Parisa is the person to talk to.

  • All-Round Training

Most artist trainers only train the craft. If you want to become a DJ, you’re only trained on how to become a DJ. And that’s it. But that’s not what Dj Parisa trains. She goes the extra mile to train you on how to unlock your potential. And even better, she trains in market crafts such as entrepreneurship. She shows how to be the best and how to get paid when doing what you love most.

  • Mentorship

Dj Parisa training mentors the people she has worked with. And that’s why you can consider her mentorship services. With her help, you will get a quick learning curve. It’s the best way to get the job done.

What Next?

The dark Leg band is led by Dj Parisa and VJ Amir. And if you want to be as good as they are, you can get DJ Parisa training on her Official Website