What Types Of Products Are Made Of Custom Rotational Molding?

Rotational molding or popularly called as rotomolding is an extremely essential in almost every industry. As mentioned by the Association of Rotational Molders- It’s a low-pressure process producing the plastic hollow parts. Inside the metallic molds, dust or liquid resin is placed and is kept in a low pressure to form the plastic molds of various shapes and sizes. Starting from bulk containers to rhino manholes- they create various other things by applying this technique.

Various products are made from the custom rotational molding process-

From Bulk Containers to recycle bins

Bulk containers and recycle bins are widely used. Eminent companies take the responsibility of creating the custom rotational molding of these hollow plastic products that are high in demand from industrial to commercial spheres. You’ll find the huge plastic recycle bins in the parks or roadsides. You may also have a few outside your home where you dump your waste. Again the bulk containers are highly used in factories, airports, hotels, hospitals and supermarkets. They are made of different shapes and colors per the wish of the clients.

Road barriers or cones

The government needs the road cones all the time as well as the road barriers. Mainly they use orange and yellow colors in making the stuff so that people can see them from a distance and stop their vehicles or drive slowly.


The manholes can be made from many materials from metals, fiberglass, and concrete to plastic. Previously, it was only iron that was mainly used in making the manholes. Now, things have been revolutionized unlike before. Starting from the installation to maintenance- using the plastic manholes are always beneficial. They can be made of different shapes and sizes but for that the accurate measurements should be provided to the manufacturers.


The rotational molding technology can produce kayaks, boats and canoes of different shapes and sizes. Nowadays, these small boats are made of plastic which is water resistant and can be durable instead of the wooden kayaks that demanded occasional painting and maintenance to enhance the durability.


Roto molding is a favorite process in the toy industry. Whether it’s a Barbie or a ball- the molding helps incredibly in creating the beautiful pieces of toys for the children. In fact, they plastic blocks used for building blocks etc are also made by using this technology.

These are some of the products are made of custom rotational molding.