Art-Sharing – The New Way Of Appreciating Forgotten Masterpieces

Can you guess the number of forgotten masterpieces that are stocked in museum storerooms, away from the public glare? Experts believe that the biggest treasures are just lying there – almost missing from the world.

Art is a requisite part of our culture and economies. Besides the obvious value, art offers insight into the society and must remain accessible to people. The best part – there is no more need to open new museums, thanks to the digital evolution. Digitized art is the new game, and it will change things for artists, investors and collectors alike.

Blockchain, which is one of the new technologies on the block, allows collectors and investors to purchase any form of art, through collective ownership. Art pieces that have been in store or in museums for decades can low have a digital presence and be a part of the varied exhibitions held around the globe.

Digitalization also adds to another factor – effective art management by the fund leaders. Gone are days of the middlemen. It is now all about storage and delivery management by the owners. Blockchain also allows one to have a quick view of everything that’s happening to a piece of art, such as the logistics and history, as well as information stored on the ledgers on virtual platform.

Blockchain has been well-accepted in many countries of the world, and many young art experts and investors are now making the most of the technologies to launch their own ventures and businesses. Among the biggest names is, which is growing at a pace not expected by many.

Artrium is managed by the International Artrium Council, which consists of people who are either experts of art or critics who hold years of experience. The main objective behind Artrium is advising investors and collectors, so that they can make the most of the digital changes and simplify the overall decision-making process. Artrium is for everyone interested and invested in the world of art selling and deals.

The digital art selling process is a complicated process, and The Artrium Council takes care of everything in for major steps. The first step is to select the promising pieces of art for their Global Collection. These are also the core assets of the company. The Council also deals with the logistics, storage and maintenance of these art pieces. They are also responsible for promoting the art pieces in local and global markets, which helps in adding more value to each piece, besides increasing its presence for exhibitions. The third step is about promoting the project, so that the new generation art industry finds more calling and exposure among investors, artists and collectors. The final step for the Counsel is about distributing the income among founders, investors and members.

For now, the Artrium Council consists of four people, who come from unique multicultural background but are associated deeply with art management and investment. The company is now looking for more members, especially art experts, scholars, artists and professionals who are interested in the changing dynamics of the art market or are interested in its expansion. The use of high-end technology in art industry is a thing that Artrium vouches for, and the core members are extremely interested in exploring the choices, including the of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, with help from other experts.