Few Signs that Indicate a Problem with Your Gastro-Intestinal System

Your digestive system consists of a number of organs like Esophagus, colon, stomach, liver and pancreas. Therefore, gastro intestinal problems can occur if there is an issue with any of its organ and it can occur anytime when you are least expecting it.

When you visit a gastroenterologist, who are digestive and liver disease consultants then they will look for few symptoms to diagnose your problem. Following are few symptoms that will decide what kind of treatments and medication is required to cure your problem.

  • Lump in your throat

Sometimes, the condition of your throat will become quite severe and it is really very difficult to eat any kind of food. This feeling can get so worse that you cannot even swallow water.

According to specialists, if you are feeling pain while drinking water then it is a sign of a serious GI problem. Doctors would like to ask you a number of things. If you are feeling the discomfort while swallowing food and also experiencing hoarseness, coughing, hiccups and feel that your stomach is full after eating very little amount of food then it is a sign that you may be having esophageal cancer.

  • Gas will make others uncomfortable

As such a normal person may expel 2 liters of gas in a day. However, one has to be concerned when it is also coupled with abdominal discomfort, bowel habit changes and sudden weight loss. Also, if the foul-smelling gas is passed then it could be due to giardia parasite that is infecting your intestine.

  • Your pant becomes too tight suddenly

Quite often you find it difficult in zipping your pant which may not be due to belly fat but due to bloating, which happens when you hold too much gas. This can also happen if you overeat. However, if there is sudden bloating for no apparent reason and also you feel pain or blood in the stool then it is a problem. It deserves proper diagnosis by a doctor.

  • Your pant suddenly becomes too loose

Weight loss is an indication of many different health problems and digestive system is the place to start with.

  • Your bowel movement and stool look black

Sometimes blood in your stool may also look black. Bleeding noticed in your toilet paper is not a very good sign.  Bleeding may be due to hemorrhoids for which you may have to see a doctor. If you do not get relief then you must see a GI specialist.